3.15. Reporting

ANNarchy.report(filename='./report.tex', standalone=True, gather_subprojections=False, title=None, author=None, date=None, net_id=0)[source]

Generates a report describing the network.

If the filename ends with .tex, the TeX file is generated according to:

Nordlie E, Gewaltig M-O, Plesser HE (2009). Towards Reproducible Descriptions of Neuronal Network Models. PLoS Comput Biol 5(8): e1000456.

If the filename ends with .md, a (more complete) Markdown file is generated, which can be converted to pdf or html by pandoc:

pandoc report.md  -sSN -V geometry:margin=1in -o report.pdf
pandoc report.md  -sSN -o report.html


  • filename: name of the file where the report will be written (default: “./report.tex”)
  • standalone: tells if the generated TeX file should be directly compilable or only includable (default: True). Ignored for Markdown.
  • gather_subprojections: if a projection between two populations has been implemented as a multiple of projections between sub-populations, this flag allows to group them in the summary (default: False).
  • title: title of the document (Markdown only)
  • author: author of the document (Markdown only)
  • date: date of the document (Markdown only)
  • net_id: id of the network to be used for reporting (default: 0, everything that was declared)