3.4. Synapse

The class Synapse is used to describe the behavior of a synapse (parameters, equations…).

3.4.1. Class Synapse

class ANNarchy.Synapse(parameters='', equations='', psp=None, operation='sum', pre_spike=None, post_spike=None, functions=None, pruning=None, creating=None, name=None, description=None, extra_values={})[source]

Base class to define a synapse.


  • parameters: parameters of the neuron and their initial value.
  • equations: equations defining the temporal evolution of variables.
  • psp: influence of a single synapse on the post-synaptic neuron (default for rate-coded: w*pre.r).
  • operation: operation (sum, max, min, mean) performed by the post-synaptic neuron on the individual psp (rate-coded only, default=sum).
  • pre_spike: updating of variables when a pre-synaptic spike is received (spiking only).
  • post_spike: updating of variables when a post-synaptic spike is emitted (spiking only).
  • functions: additional functions used in the equations.
  • name: name of the synapse type (used for reporting only).
  • description: short description of the synapse type (used for reporting).